Rotary Dryer Manufacturers

Rotary Dryer Manufacturers

The rotary dryer is an industrial dryer. It is used to reduce the liquid moisture content of the materials by bringing them to direct or indirect contact with a heated gas. As one of the trusted rotary dryers manufacturers in India, we manufacture and supply the best quality dryer, which is equipped with advanced features and technologies. Our dryer comes equipped with a large rotating cylindrical tube, which is supported by concrete columns or steel beams. The dryer slopes efficiently so that the discharge end remains lower than the material feed end.

The rotary dryers supplied by us work perfectly fine. It tumbles the material in a rotating drum in the presence of drying air. It also features to indirectly get heated to avoid direct contact between the material and the processing medium. We position the drum at a slight horizontal slope that allows gravity to help move material through the drum. When the materials enter the dryer, the dryer rotates, and the material is lifted up by a series of internal fins lining the inner wall of the dryer.

There is a feature to get the material high enough to roll nack off the fins. When it happens, the material falls down to the bottom of the dryer. During this journey, it passes through the hot gas stream. The gas stream can either move toward the discharge end from the feed or towed the feed end from the discharge end.

As one of the leading rotary dryer manufacturers in the country, we offer a wide range of world-class rotary dryers and custom industrial drying machine. Due to advanced technologies and the use of high-grade material, our products are durable, long-lasting, required less maintenance, and consume less electricity. Give us a call if you are looking for the best rotary dryer manufacturer in India. We will manufacture and supply products that will fit your budget and needs of the hour.

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